Monday, June 4, 2012


Progress last week was a little slower than I had hoped. Originally, I had planned on adding support for break and continue quickly, then moving onto other issues. However, I realized the hard way that my simple inline SSA construction algorithm was not very extensible. I have now implemented a textbook SSA construction algorithm.

I also took another look at my modifications to (with help from John W. Eaton and Jordi). The configure check was fixed and LLVM_CONFIG can be set to the location of llvm-config. This allows building with LLVM in a nonstandard path.

Next, I think I will focus ensuring error and warning conditions are handled correctly (not talking about try/catch, just error and warning). In theory error checking is simple, for each operation that may error I need to check to see if it errored, then if it has exit the JIT function. There are a few annoying details. For example, I need to keep track of and return the values of each variable when an error occurs. Additionally, the ability to change warnings into errors adds further complexity.

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